Our favorite cookbook and electronic device holder and protector

Cookbook holders aren’t necessary for cookbooks, but they can be nice to own if you’re a messy cook. Spills on pages can build up over time and turn a book into a feeding ground for mold, mildew, and pests. If you like to use your laptop, iPad, or ebook reader (like a Kindle) in your kitchen, holders and protectors cease to be optional and become a necessity. No one wants to lose a $500 (or more) investment to a few drops of milk.

As far as cookbooks, ebook readers, and iPads are concerned, an adjustable cookbook holder with an acrylic shield is inexpensive and well-suited for the task:

Holders like this are easy to clean, work with all different types and sizes of cookbooks, ebook readers, and iPads, and fold flat for storage when not in use. It keeps the book or device off the counter in case of spills, too.

For individual recipes and pages I print from websites, I stick them in vinyl sheet protectors so I don’t have to reprint the recipe whenever I want to use it again. After I’m finished, I wipe off the sheet protector and slip it back into a three-ring binder.

Finally, we actually don’t recommend bringing laptops into the kitchen. Instead, put them near the kitchen and pump up the text size on the screen so you can read it from a distance. To zoom in on a Mac, hold down the Command key and press the +/= key. To zoom out, hold down the Command key and press the _/- key. On a PC, it’s the same except you hold down the Control key instead of Command.

We strongly advise against wrapping plastic wrap around your machine or sticking it in a large zip-top bag to try to protect it in the kitchen because your computer needs air circulation to function properly. You can overheat and ruin your computer in just a few minutes if you stick it into a bag with no circulation. Keyboard and screen protectors are okay, but they won’t protect your machine if you spill liquids on it or near it. Plus, small particles from grains like flour and corn starch can be sucked into your computer and also do damage. It’s best to leave your computer out of the kitchen unless you have a secure and protected place for it to reside.

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