Keeping chaos out of your junk drawer

Most kitchens are similar in that they have a refrigerator, stove, oven, and sink. They are also typically similar in that they have a junk drawer.

The junk drawer usually contains stray batteries, rubber bands, paper clips, coupons, pens, pennies, matches, receipts, spare keys, and recipes torn off food boxes. At one time, the drawer was probably organized and uncluttered. Now, it might be disorganized and overflowing with clutter.

These catch-all drawers are useful when they’re orderly, but frustrating when they’re chaotic. I’ve found that a drawer organizer can help to keep the space organized longer than it will without one. Like a clothes closet, though, this drawer does need to be cleaned out a couple times a year to ensure it is best meeting your needs.

In my dining room, we use the two-level Madesmart Junk Drawer Organizer:

I also like the Expand-A-Drawer Desk Organizer that works with many drawer sizes:

The wood Axis Junk Drawer Organizer also looks nice:

Consider using a drawer organizer when looking for ways to keep chaos out of your junk drawer.

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  1. Posted by Merikay - 03/03/2011

    As I have been simplifying my house I occasionally take 10 useless things out of a drawer and toss them. Someday the drawer may actually open!

  2. Posted by Kirsten - 03/03/2011

    I don’t believe in junk drawers – I believe that everything should have a proper home. I never had a junk drawer until I moved in with my husband – even in a kitchen with 2 drawers, one of them ended up being his junk drawer. We’ve compromised, though. He let me organize it and he now calls it a utility drawer.

  3. Posted by Heather - 03/04/2011

    I have used the expandable junk drawer organizer for over 20 yrs. It works great and makes all those small items easy to find and corral. I also know where my scissors are at all times — and my tape. Since I moved, I can not use my organizer (new drawer too narrow) so had to improvise. My husband has taken over the organizer and has made it into a tool drawer organizer. Now we know where the screw driver and the pliers are. Maybe my next house will have a wide enough drawer!

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