Elastic crispy cheese breakfast scramble

What comes to mind when you hear the term “grilled cheese edges?” Anyone who’s made a grilled cheese sandwich knows that the molten cheese often escapes the bread, oozing out to the pan with a distinctive sizzle. That little puddle of cheese will brown and crisp up, creating luscious new texture and flavor. Just ask Chef John from foodwishes.com who makes a grilled cheese sandwich that maximizes this entire idea. Genius.

But this recipe isn’t about grilled cheese sandwiches — it’s about breakfast scrambles. In the past, I used to take my eggs, scramble them, then add yummy flavor combinations with meats, cheeses, vegetables, and herbs. Normally, I’d just add the cheese at the end, sprinkled on top so it can melt over the eggs using residual heat. The cheese never touches the hot pan so it can’t develop flavor like it does in a grilled cheese sandwich. This made me want to try something new.

I started with a base of soyrizo (soy-chorizo). Breakfast sausage or diced ham would work just as well for what I wanted to try. I measured out what I thought would be a good amount of the soyrizo to go with two eggs, then shaped it into a flat little pile and cooked it over medium heat in a non-stick pan. As it cooked, I thinly sliced some pepperjack cheese and layered it on top of the soyrizo. It began to melt. With my spatula, I pulled the mixture in different directions, letting the cheese touch the pan instead of just using the soyrizo as a little life raft. This let the cheese develop that grilled cheese crust while holding on to the soyrizo so it wouldn’t become a sticky mess.

Three minutes later, I flipped it over in pieces, let it cook a few more minutes, chopped it up using my spatulas, then added my egg mixture to the pan. Salsa seemed like a welcome addition since I was using soyrizo, so I added some to the eggs as they scrambled.

The soft texture of the eggs combined with the crispy edges of the chorizo and cheese produced pure breakfast magic. I will definitely be using this technique again.

Elastic Crispy Cheese Breakfast Scramble

  • 1/3 cup prepared breakfast meat (cooked breakfast sausage, soy or regular chorizo, diced strips of ham)
  • cheese (enough to cover breakfast meat in one even layer)
  • two eggs, beat together with a little water in preparation for scrambing
  • optional additions: salsa, sauteed vegetables, herbs, hot sauce
  • salt and pepper to taste

Bring a non-stick pan up to temperature over medium heat. Add breakfast meat in a small, flat pile and cook for one minute. Layer cheese on top while breakfast meat is cooking.

When the cheese starts to melt, gently pull the pile apart so cheese drapes on to the surface of the pan. Cook for two to three minutes, or until cheese starts to crisp.

Mix your optional sauteed vegetables and/or herbs with your beaten egg mixture.

Flip breakfast meat and cheese and cook for another minute. Chop up contents of pan using two plastic spatulas, then add in beaten egg mixture. As contents of pan set, gently fold over as you would with scrambled eggs until cooked thoroughly (about three minutes).

Serve topped with additional add-ins like salsa or hot sauce.

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  1. Posted by Jenny - 03/09/2011

    A spoonful or two of leftover chili is great in scrambled eggs, and I’m sure would be great addition to this as well. I love the idea of crisping up the cheese and will definitely have to try that with my next breakfast scramble creation.

  2. Posted by irisbhell - 03/11/2011

    that grilled cheese sammie looked like pure heaven…drool…i know what i’m makin’ for lunch!
    the breakfast scramble looked pretty good too.

  3. Posted by Saderchick - 03/24/2011

    Matt, sounds like a delicious breakfast! Can’t wait to try. One suggested change: Don’t preheat the nonstick pan. The Good Housekeeping folks claim pans can reach 500 degrees very quickly, and that’s the temp at which the nonstick coating starts to break down. Not good for your breakfast or you.


  4. Posted by Matt Fetissoff - 03/25/2011

    Thanks Saderchick. That probably explains my twitch.

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