Good Eats has ended

According to the Chicago Tribune, multiple other news outlets, and (reportedly) even Alton Brown himself, the Food Network show Good Eats has ended.

Episode 249 “Use Your Noodle 5,” which aired the first week of May, was the show’s last regular season episode. There will be three hour-long specials to come out later this year, but otherwise the show is done. Likely, however, the Food Network will continue to air reruns every day for the next decade.

I’m eager to learn about Alton Brown’s next project, and to get the final cookbook in his Good Eats series (I already own the first two). Maybe we should have expected the show coming to a close after 12 years when the second book in the series was called the “Middle Years.”

We at SimpliFried want to wish him much success in whatever it is he does next, and we will certainly be watching.

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  1. Posted by Andrea - 05/12/2011

    Won’t lie, when I read that this morning, I cried a little inside. Alton brown and good eats taught me how and got me into cooking, and it sad to see it end. However, there are rumors that there is something else up his sleeve.

  2. Posted by Jason - 05/12/2011

    Indeed. A somewhat sad day. But it has been a VERY good run with Mr Brown and company. I’m very pleased to have been able to watch his TV show. And how it taught me to enjoy cooking again. Bon Chance Mr Brown!

  3. Posted by Kevinbr - 05/12/2011

    Very sad indeed! My wife and I have watched him since 2001. Looking forward to his new venture :)

  4. Posted by Kelly - 05/13/2011

    *Sigh* – my fav on food network. I wish they’d stick with the cooking shows too. I’m tired of the ‘reality/competition’ all the time. Although Iron Chef is my guilty pleasure I can at least get cooking ideas from that. I’m looking forward to whatever he does next.

  5. Posted by Tim Lewallen - 05/17/2011

    I would love for him to do another series like “Feasting on Asphalt”. That was a lot of fun.

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