According to infomercials, we’re all bumbling idiots in the kitchen

If you’re a regular reader of Unclutterer, you know that watching infomercials is one of my guilty pleasures. Specifically, I love how infomercials portray people as bumbling idiots, incapable of handling life’s most basic tasks.

A reader recently tipped me off to a wonderful montage of infomercial mishaps in the video “As Seen on TV: A Tribute to Doing it Wrong.“ The majority of the misfortunes in the video are food related (Cutting brownies! Cracking eggs! Pouring drinks! Using plastic wrap!), and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did:

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  1. Posted by Eric - 06/01/2011

    Brilliant! Human civilization would fall without “as seen on TV” products… or so these marketers would want you to believe.

  2. Posted by Caren - 06/02/2011

    Thank you Erin. This me a fabulous guffaw to wake me up this morning. Thank goodness the TV was invented so they could make infomercials. Without these products, civilization would crumble! There would be chaos in the streets! Tupperware and shoes everywhere would fall on the floor!

  3. Posted by Becky - 06/02/2011

    Hahaha, thanks for sharing this – how funny! : )

  4. Posted by Mary - 06/06/2011

    I laughed until I cried! This is the perfect post for an overwhelmed disorganized person like myself…and a great song for any professional organizer.

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