Learning new things in the kitchen

I’d like to start off by saying I haven’t always been aware of the importance of learning new things. Some days I feel perfectly content to stay home, watch the same familiar television shows I’ve always loved, and eat food I’ve eaten a thousand times before. Nothing new. Just comfortable.

Learning something means getting out of that zone of comfort. Recently I had the opportunity to try something way outside my range of current knowledge when my wife signed us up for a reasonably priced cake decorating class through Michael’s Art Supplies. We dove in, rolling out fondant pansies on the first day, and by the next class a miniature garden of sugary flowers bloomed on our table as we learned to use the royal icing. It was so much fun!

These experiences punctuate my desire to keep learning new things. I feel like the mantra of “never stop learning” is how people become successful, and that when newly formed neural connections sizzle into existence it feels really great. You’ve probably experienced it in many times, but it may be easy to forget how beneficial it is for us when the clutter of life gets in the way.

I’ve set a goal to actively learn new cooking techniques and preparation methods for the next three months. I’ll be taking another cake related class in July, and I plan on looking through the cooking section of my newspaper for more classes or conventions. I also plan on writing about my experiences here.

Here are some ideas that I’ve had to continue my culinary education:

  • look up more classes offered through community programs or restaurants
  • attend a wine tasting
  • visit local beer breweries
  • visit a locally produced food supplier and ask a lot of questions (I have my eye on the Arizona Cheese Company Milk ‘n More Store)

I encourage you all to try something similar to broaden our horizons and keep our mental knifes sharpened.

If I can learn how to make a primrose like the one pictured above, then so can you.

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  1. Posted by Tracey - 06/17/2011

    This idea translates to all aspects of your life–not just cooking. If we take the time to expand our knowledge then we continue to grow and become better people. Like the idea of making your own aprons? Take a sewing class. Want a hat like Jayne from Firefly? Learn to knit. Curious about canning and food preservation, or gardening? It’s all about expanding our minds. :)

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