Own This, Not That in the kitchen

Over on Unclutterer today, we’ve been talking about ways to reduce clutter by doing things like substituting multitaskers for unitaskers. Similar to the book Eat This, Not That, a reader wondered if we had guidelines for what to keep and what to toss.

This is especially easy to do in the kitchen, where unitaskers reign supreme, and I thought it would be fun to do a kitchen-specific round here on SimpliFried. It’s meant as part real suggestion and part fun, so don’t worry too much if you have some of the items in the “not” category. Own This, Not That:

What suggestions would you make for this list? Share your serious and fun ideas in the comments.

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  1. Posted by Minneapolisite - 06/22/2011

    If you only own one measuring cup and one measuring spoon, that makes cooking/baking a long chore requiring constant washing and drying.

  2. Posted by Erin Doland - 06/22/2011

    @minneapolisite — It all gets mixed up in the end in the dish, so cross contamination isn’t typically an issue. Plus, with the plunger-style measuring tools, all of the ingredient gets pushed out. There isn’t anything to wash until the very end. They’re not like regular cups or spoons.

  3. Posted by Suzanne - 06/28/2011

    I actually do use a metal spork in my lunch bag for work!

  4. Posted by minneapolisite - 06/30/2011

    Erin, so you dip wet cups into your flour and sugar bins? Or do you have a second spoon out on the counter for spooning dry goods INTO the wet plunger? Still confused on this one.

  5. Posted by Rachel - 07/12/2011

    A good quality silicon spoonula (spatula spoon combo) is my go to utensil for cooking almost everything. Also a Silpat for baking as I don’t need to keep parchment paper around and makes for really easy clean up.

  6. Posted by Xandra - 08/05/2011

    You joke, but in college I use a camping spork(http://lightmyfire.com/230-147-spork.htm) for everything except a chef’s knife :) Some of my friends liked the idea so much they bought ones for themselves too!

  7. Posted by gypsy packer - 08/24/2011

    Local Ace Hardware had adjustable measuring spoons for a buck each, and I purchased several. I’m a home canner, and utilize the always-handy Mason jar with measuring marks for the majority of my liquid use. My dry measuring cups keep disappearing, except for the tiny 1/4 cup measure.
    If I find myself living single again, it will be sizzler skillets from stove to table, yes, with a spork.

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