Favorite food feeds on Twitter?

I’m a fan of Twitter because I get a lot of my food news through it. I subscribe to the feeds of numerous local chefs, bartenders, restaurant reviewers, grocery stores, food scientists, nutritionists, cookbook authors, and even a few celebrity chefs and food writers.

I especially love the feeds from my local grocery stores. For instance, I knew last Friday that my local Whole Foods was having a “Buck-a-Burger” sale on their gourmet hamburger patties, which saved me a good chunk of money for the cookout we had with my family on Saturday. (Do a search to find your specific local grocers.) As long as you’re not following (too many) navel gazers, I’ve found Twitter to be an extremely useful tool for collecting insights into the food world.

Here are some of the Twitter feeds I follow and find interesting for various reasons:

Individuals (chefs, cooks, food scientists)


Food science, nutrition, and other food-related feeds

If you’re on Twitter, what are your favorite feeds? Are you following ours @SimpliFried? Share your suggestions in the comments.

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  1. Posted by Gillian - 07/28/2011

    What, you don’t follow Marion Nestle? Of course you may not have time for everything and I’m not meaning to be rude. Perhaps you’d find her interesting. She’s very knowledgeable. http://www.foodpolitics.com/

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