French press iced tea

I moved! While the RVing adventure has been a blast, I felt it was time to settle down into a home sans-wheels and enjoy living on a foundation again. I’m loving the additional counter top space and full sized oven. Hooray!

Hauling boxes for a move during an Arizona summer sure isn’t something I plan on doing again any time soon. The sweat was flowing like buckets, but I had plenty of water to avoid overheating. Here’s another great way to stay cool this summer.

Clean out any coffee grounds from your French press and fill with assorted teabags/loose tea leaves. For my example, I’m using two bags of Red Berry Zinger by Celestial Seasonings to establish a fresh fruity base, accompanied by a bag of green tea and a chamomile blend for background. I’ve also added several lemon peels and sugar to taste (roughly 1/4 cup).

Using all those tea bags will produce concentrated flavors that mellow and balance when the ice melts.

Fill your French press to the top with boiling water and steep for four or five minutes. Be sure to take a blurry photo of your progress.

Shoot more goofy photos while it steeps. You get bonus points for using a reflection to point at the awesome skylight in the kitchen of your new apartment.

Pour tea into a two quart pitcher full of ice, then serve in a nicely chilled mug full of ice. Cup your hands around that sucker while drinking for a delicious icy rush of heat relief. More bonus points for rimming the mug with turbinado sugar.

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  1. Posted by gypsy packer - 07/20/2011

    Try making jelly with Zinger and pectin, or apple juice. Put it on a biscuit. One. If you can…

  2. Posted by Merikay - 07/20/2011

    I like the idea of rimming the glass or mug with sugar.

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